Ideal classic Mancala is a board game with folding wooden board and glass game pieces that offers hours of entertainment and is a great way for children to learn and teach strategy. Mancala is a game played in the world, sometimes called "sowing" games, or "Count and Capture" games, which describes the game. Players start by placing stones in each of the holes on the game board. A player can count his stones to trace the game. One turn is to remove all the stones from a hole and placing one on each of the following holes in sequence. If the last stone is placed in a Mancala player itself, then he gets a second round. Players cannot touch the stones to count and once a player has touched the stones, he must play. Game ends when a player's containers are empty. Mancala Classic is ideally designed for 2 players, measures 1.5 by 5.75 inches 8.87 and includes a folding wooden board, glass game pieces and instructions. Recommend eight years of age and older.


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