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  • Choose a colour using Myla's magic wand and change the colour of her eyes, wings, or hair, horn and flower; change all her colours at once by waving her wand.
  • Watch Myla spread her wings and sparkle; blow her a kiss and see her flower magically bloom and glow.
  • Play music for Myla and watch her dance; ask her to play a song, then sing along to eight tunes.
  • Brush her tail with the comb and accessorise Myla using six hair clips you can share.
  • 5 to 12 Years
  • Make some magic with your new friend, Myla the Blush and Bloom Unicorn. This robotic unicorn toy spreads her wings and sparkles with light when she talks and sings. 
  • Press the butterfly button on Myla's magic wand to choose a colour and change her eyes, wings, or hair, horn and flower. Wave the wand to change all Myla's colours at once. Accessorise Myla's tail using her six hair clips to complete her look. Blow Myla a kiss and watch the flower in her mane bloom and light up. It’s time to party! Play music for Myla and she’ll dance and glow. Ask Myla to play a song, then hear her sing eight different tunes. Sing along when you learn the songs! When it’s time to rest, tuck Myla’s legs under her and boop her nose for cute and cuddly responses.

VTECH Myla the Blush and Bloom Unicorn

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