• A balancing act
  • The more penguins, the trickier it gets
  • You must take any penguins that fall off on your turn
  • The first to put all his penguins on the iceberg wins
  • You will learn cause and effect and fine motor skills

Product description

Penguin Pile-Up is a quick-play balancing 3D game for 1-6 players ages 5 and up, that features cute penguin characters, that players have to set upright and keep balanced on a wobbly iceberg. Everyone is challenged to keep the platform steady and all of the characters aboard. The first player to place all of their penguins atop the iceberg wins.


Don't Slip on the Ice!
With Penguin Pile-Up, no reading is necessary and the concept is simple: players need a steady hand and a good eye to successfully place the greatest number of penguins on the moving iceberg and avoid slips and spills. Whoever causes the penguins to fall off the iceberg has to start again at the beginning of the game and work to place all of the fallen penguins back on the jiggling platform. The first player to place all of their penguins atop the iceberg wins.


Take It Slow!
Steady hands and careful planning are all that's needed to place penguin playing pieces on the iceberg. With each turn, children utilize basic math skills, such as addition and subtraction, in a positive and fun play environment with family and friends. Penguin Pile-Up will entertain children as they practice crucial fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cause-and-effect, and turn-taking skills. The game will also help them sharpen their ability to concentrate and deal with small disappointments.


Inclusive Action Game With 3D Game Board
A game of positive social interaction for various age levels, Penguin Pile-Up provides an opportunity for multiple generations of players to interact with one another in a fun and challenging way that sharpens everyone's coordination, motor skills, communication, and patience.


What's In The Box?
3D game board (iceberg), 24 penguin playing pieces, 1 set of instructions.

Penguin Pile - Up (Ravensburger)

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