• Nahji - a girl who dreams of a better life, is a smart and clever 10 year-old girl who persuades her family to let her go to school
  • She is determined to learn to read and write, a rarity for some young girls in India. Read her mini book included to learn how Nahji's hours of hard work and studying helped her change her life and the lives of her family
  • Hearts For Hearts Girls mission is to inspire girls to celebrate diversity, be agents of change in their lives, and positively impact the lives of those in their community, and ultimately the world!
  • For each doll purchased - Hearts For Hearts Girls donates $1. 00 to World Vision to support their humanitarian programs that better the lives of those in each dolls represented country
  • Nahji is a 14" 100% vinyl doll with rich coffee brown hair, a bright tunic, gold printed pant hems, authentic jewelry, and a henna hand design. She comes with a girl sized friendship bracelet, comb and a story book about her life



Nahji is a smart and determined ten-year-old girl from Assam, India. In her community, girls go to work and marry very early in their lives, but Nahji wants something more. She convinces her parents to let her go to school. She learns how to help her family create their own garden market. She starts raising Indian runner ducks. And she visits local 'tea clubs' to encourage other girls to take charge of their own lives. She tells them, “When you believe in yourself, when you are strong in your heart, then you can change the world.”


Product description

Experience life in colorful India with our Nahji doll! Like all Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls, Nahji stands 14 inches high with a poseable, smooth vinyl body, and high-quality rooted hair for hours of doll play. Her eyes are a soft brown that gleam with amber tints and her hair is a sweeping fall of rich coffee brown.


Nahji is fashioned in a fuchsia tunic trimmed with white appliqué, lavender leggings with printed gold hem, a braided choker with a pearl-like pendant, and a removable beaded headband. Discover all the beautiful Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls: Lauryce (New Orleans), Rahel (Ethiopia), Dell (USA), Consuelo (Mexico) and Tipi (Laos).


Each doll tells a story of a little girl’s journey about how she makes a difference in her life and her community. When you buy a Hearts For Hearts Girls doll, $1. 00 is donated to World Vision, a global humanitarian organization, that aims to help better the lives of children and their communities worldwide. Quality details such as ethnic jewelry and cultural yet current outfits make these dolls special that any girl will treasure. Hearts For Hearts Girls also offers a fun, child-friendly website full of stories, games, and activities. Help Change the World, One Heart at a Time with Hearts For Hearts Girls!

Heart For Hearts Girls - Nahji from India

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