• Hilarious Funny or Die caption game challenges you to be wacky
  • Match photos and captions
  • If you win the vote on which is funniest you take the pot of money for that round
  • Includes 247 cards, money, die, 6 "Funny" voting tokens and 6 "Die" voting tokens


Product description


Based on the hit comedy website, Funny or Die is the game where you and your friends push the funny to the limit. Players vote on what's funny and what's not as they match hilarious captions with outrageous photos to create the funniest joke. Players who have the best jokes earn "money." The player with the most money is the most funny.


Can you make the best jokes and get the most "funny" votes? Or will you fail epically and get more "die" votes?

Players take turns pairing photos with captions to create the most hilarious combinations. Match clever captions with outrageous photos to make the funniest pairs.

Funny or Die is a hilarious party game based on the hit comedy website.

Hilarious caption game.

Every vote counts.

Based on the popular website.


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  • Based on the popular Funny or Die website
  • Fill-in-the-blank captions let players push the boundaries of hilarity
  • Ages 13 and up
  • For 3 to 6 players
  • Includes 247 cards, money, 6-sided die, 6 “Funny” voting tokens, 6 “Die” voting tokens, and instructions

Funny or Die (The Hilarious Caption Game) - Hasbro

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