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  • Interactive reading and puzzle fun!
  • Teaches shapes, matching and object identification
  • Engages your little one in storytelling fun
  • One stop shop for learning!
  • Requires 2 AA batteries


Fisher-Price Little People Let’s Go To The Farm!


A real page-turner!

As the story opens, little ones see Eddie waking up to begin his day at the farm. The story moves very quickly (only 3 pages), and along the way kids get to see Eddie, Tessa, and plenty of fun animal friends. Each time kids turn the page (the musical signal will let them know when), the narrator reads the next part of the story aloud to them! The text is printed on each page, so if you’d like to read to your child, you can do that, too.


Puzzle play helps kids learn the fun way!

On each page of the story, there’s a spot to put different puzzle pieces to complete the picture. The back page has a spot for all five puzzle pieces: a rectangle, triangle, square, star and crescent. When little ones press the puzzle piece into its correct place on the back page, they’ll hear the narrator say the name of the shape ('Star'). Press again, and they’ll hear a fun little phrase about the picture on that shape ('Wish upon a star. ..') So while kids are having all this fun playing, they’re also learning about shapes, objects and matching. It’s a win-win!


The more they grow, the more they discover!

At first, your little one will explore the Little People Let’s Go To The Farm. puzzle book in a tactile way—just touching everything! But as toddlers grow, they’ll start discovering that they can make things happen, like turning the page to hear the next part of the story, or matching the puzzle piece to its correct spot to hear a fun sound or phrase. And before you know it, they’ll be ready to read the story to you!


What's in the box?

Interactive storybook and five puzzle pieces.


Product Description

This charming story book reads itself to little ones, engages them with a puzzle piece to place on each page, and teaches shapes, matching and object identification when they place all the puzzle pieces in the right spots on the back page. All in one little book!

Fisher-Price Little People Let's go to the Farm!

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