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  • Players must identify real quotes from fake ones
  • Fast-paced, Hilarious, Topical Fun
  • Real quotes from campaign and administration members
  • Fake news quotes entirely fabricated
  • Includes 100 Quote Cards with 300 Quotes, 42 Character Cards (6 sets of 7 Caricature Cards of Administration Members), and 6 Fake News Cards


Product Description


Fake News / Real News is the fast-paced card game where players have to decide what's Fake News and what's Real News.


From the Manufacturer


Topical Fun for Everyone

This fast-paced, hilarious and sometimes outrageous card game taps into today's political dialogue, both real and fake, in a fun and socially engaging way where people of all political stripes can interact and have a good time together.


Real Quotes…and Fake Quotes Too


We've assembled hundreds of real newsworthy quotes from last year's presidential campaign and the first few weeks of the new administration along with fake news quotes that are entirely fabricated. Can you tell the difference? It's not as easy as it sounds.


The Contents

100 Quote Cards with 300 Quotes. 42 Character Cards (6 sets of 7 Caricature Cards of Adminstration Members). 6 Fake News Cards.


How To Play

Each player is dealt cabinet members and a Fake News card. Players take turns reading statements from Quote Cards and other players determine if the quote is real or fake and, if real, who said it.


How To Win

You either play your Fake News card (if you think the quote is bogus) or the Cabinet Member card of the person you believe said it. Get it right and score a point. First to 11 points wins!

Fake News / Real News – The Game Of Fake News & Alternative Facts

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