Blindfolded Twister is a fun twist on a classic game that will have you tied up in knots

For decades, Twister has been challenging players to contort their bodies into all sorts of weird and wonderful knots. And now it features blindfolds and textured shapes. A game of mystery and excitement perfect for kids of all ages.




  • Players wear blindfolds and play the game only by touch and memory
  • Follow the instructions of the Spinner as best you can, feel your way but be careful not to topple over.
  • Textured shapes on each coloured spot are there for players to touch with their hands and feet
  • This game includes:
    • 24 shape stickers
    • spinner board with arrow and base
    • 4 blindfolds
    • 4 blindfold fasteners
    • instructions.
  • Recommended age: 8 years and up


Kids and adults will have an afternoon of mystery and fun with Blindfolded Twister.

Blindfolded Twister - Hasbro

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