Omega One Premium Fish Food


Omega One is the only dry fish food available that utilizes a protein binding system. This is a result of using undenatured proteins (fresh seafood). All other fish foods, due to their use of fishmeal, require large amounts of starch binders such as flour, potato products, rice, and other starches to hold them together. This is because denatured proteins (proteins that have been processed) such as fishmeal have lost the wonderful ability to gel. This gel quality can be seen when frying a fresh hamburger or an egg. The protein, upon being cooked, gels together and stays together.

However, like a powdered egg, fishmeal can never “stick” together again. This is where the starch comes in. By using a large amount of starch, the fishmeal can again be put into a whole form and fed to fish. “Hamburger Helper” dishes work in the same way. Large amounts of starches are cooked with the crumbled left over hamburger, resulting in a dish that stays together.

There are two problems with this. One is that fish need only a small amount of starch in their diet. Unfortunately, it requires a large amount of starch to hold fishmeal based foods together. In fact, on all other fish food ingredient labels, the second ingredient behind fishmeal will be some kind of starch such as wheat flour or ground rice. Essentially, this extra starch is a filler, replacing potential high quality proteins and fats.

Omega One fish foods do not need large amounts of starch additives since the binder that holds the food together is the freshly cooked proteins themselves. The result is a high level of fresh marine proteins and fats - an amount and quality of which closely resembles what would be found in a natural aquatic environment. The other problem with starch binders (utilized in all other fish foods) is that they are water-soluble. This means that whatever vitamins have been added to the food begins to leach out immediately upon hitting the water. If the food is not eaten immediately, there may be substantial vitamin loss.

The protein binding system of Omega One fish foods is not water-soluble. Vitamins are held in complete suspension until eaten, allowing the fish’s digestive system to absorb 100% of the vitamins in the food. This results in tremendous benefits to the fish as well as the water quality. In addition, our protein-bound food becomes much more flexible, or willowy, in the water resulting in a much softer, more “mouth-friendly” food.

In conclusion, all other existing dry aquatic foods are essentially the same. Their major ingredient is fishmeal and all other major ingredients are for the purpose of holding the fishmeal together. They are easy and cheap to manufacture but nutritionally and taste compromised from the start. By using fresh, undenatured marine proteins from the start, Omega One has truly broken the mold in a 30 year-old industry. The benefits to this new process are incredible, with new ones emerging all the time.

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