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  • The Rules of the Road

    Children need to recognize and understand the essential road signs and safety rules at an early age, what better way to teach them than with play toys? This set includes all the standard signs: stop, railroad crossing, speed limit, do not enter, people crossing, parking, yield signs, and even stop lights. Now let's go for a ride around town!

    These street signs are designed to fit with all major brands of train toys, block sets, and carpet rug playmats. Simply put them on the roads of your child's toy towns and watch as they begin to understand the rules of the road. They'll develop cognitive and both fine and gross motor skills along the way. Our signs are cut from solid wood, sanded smooth, and finished with safe, water-based paints.

    Why You'll Love It:

    Many playsets come with the bare necessities like cars, figurines, and road, but lack important pieces to make a child's imagination run wild. These signs can make plain roads on playmats into full-fledged city streets. Some sets give you just one of each sign. With our set, you'll get more of the most common signs as well as some unique signs that are important to understand at any age.

Street Signs

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