• Dell - a girl with a voice that could move mountains, is a cheerful and musically talented 10 Year-Old girl who desires to help her neighbors.
  • She is determined to help keep her friends and neighbors warm and happy through the harsh Mountain winters. Read her mini book included to learn how Dell makes this happen with her knitting needles and heart-warming voice.
  • Hearts for Hearts Girls mission is to inspire girls to celebrate diversity, be agents of change in their lives, and positively impact the lives of those in their community, and ultimately the world!
  • For each doll purchased - hearts for Hearts Girls donates $1.00 to world vision to support their humanitarian programs that better the lives of those in each dolls represented country.
  • Dell is a 14" 100% vinyl Doll with soft, curly hair, frayed denim shorts, a flowery top and camouflage baseball cap. She comes with a girl sized friendship bracelet, comb and a story book about her life.Please update as per the above.

Heart For Hearts Girls Dell from USA Doll

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