• Indoor Snow That Is Easy To Mold and Can Be Used Over and Over Again!
  • Super Soft and Smooth Texture That Feels Lighter Than Air!
  • Set Includes 120 Grams Of Floof, 3 Animals Molds and 1 Pawprint Roller.
  • Safe and Non Toxic Formula.
  • Designed For Children Ages 3 and Up.


Product description

Playvisions new Indoor Snow allows children over the age of 3 to have fun with snow all year round! 120 grams of light, soft and smooth Floof come with 3 animal molds and one paw print roller. The best part about Floof is that it is easy to clean up after with just a damp cloth and can be used over and over again! Floof comes in a nice airtight bucket to ensure the Floof stays soft for the next time it is used. Floof is water soluble, safe and non toxic. 

Floof Polar Babies Modeling Clay - Reuseable Indoor Snow

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