• 2-in-1! Full-color projection grows with baby! Crib Mobile – Projection onto mobile canopy is easy for younger babies to see & Dresser-Top Soother – Converts to a dresser-top musical soother with ceiling projection for older babies
  • 30 minutes of music, nature sounds or white noise
  • 3 soft rainforest characters and satiny leaves spin ‘round & ‘round
  • Mesh fabric dome with starry night scene
  • A rotating, full-color projection scene delights baby
  • White noise or nature sounds
  • Full-color projection
  • Convert it to a dresser-top musical soother with ceiling projection


From the manufacturer

2-in-1 gets the job done!

Late nights. Middle of the nights. Early mornings. Mid-day meltdowns. Those are the times you’ll appreciate a Fisher-Price mobile! As a crib mobile, the Rainforest Grow-with-Me Projection Mobile helps soothe baby at naptime or bedtime with a full-color projection, three animal pals slowly rotating overhead and up to 30 minutes of calming music or sound effects. The remote control lets you start the soothing without disturbing baby. When baby outgrows a crib mobile, convert it to a dresser-top musical soother with ceiling projection for older babies and toddlers.


Product Features

  • Longer, more deluxe, full color motorized projection
  • 30 minutes music, sfx & white noise
  • Three soft characters and satin leaf details
  • Remote control with hook for hanging
  • Webbing strap system


Soothing, but never boring

Colors. Characters. Lights. Motion. Music. They’re all important. These features (all included in this mobile!) help entertain baby, create a sense of sleep-time routine, encourage eye- tracking and stimulate important senses, like sight and hearing.


Sweet dreams, little one!

The full-color projection, gentle sounds and music and soft friends dancing overhead help baby to understand when it’s time to wind down and go to sleep. All of these calming features surround baby with sweet tranquillity and help provide a consistent bedtime routine.


Product Description

Help soothe your little one with sweet rainforest friends, soft leaf accents, full-color projection, music, white noise or nature sounds. Newborns will love gazing up at the motorized crib mobile with a full-color scene that’s projected onto the mobile canopy. (It’s easier for younger babies to see it that way!) As baby gets older, convert it to a dresser-top musical soother with ceiling projection – and maintain that hard-won bedtime routine. 30 minutes of lullaby music, white noise or soothing nature sounds help create a calm, restful environment. The remote control is designed to hang on the nursery door knob, so you can quickly restart the mobile without disturbing baby. And the secure webbing strap system on the mobile fits most cribs. It’s truly a dream-come-true for new moms and dads.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Grow-with-Me Projection Mobile

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