• Car's chunky design is easy for babies to grab and move around
  • Push on his face to bring Franky beats to life with lights and musical great intro to cause & effect!
  • Free-wheeling car is perfect for fun on the go
  • Kids can boost their gross motor skills as they crawl after Franky beasts
  • Expand your bright beats world!


Product description

Babies zip, zoom, shimmy and shake through play time with bright beats buggies franky beats! with playful melodies and bright lights to stimulate baby's senses, this easy-to-maneuver, free-wheeling car is perfect for on-the-go fun. When babies push on his face, they'll be rewarded with bright lights and fun songs & sounds great intro to cause & effect! plus, kids can boost their gross motor skills as they crawl after franky beats! where development comes into play gross motor: babies can develop gross motor skills as they crawl after and interact with the buggie. Sensory: stimulate your baby's senses with bright, colorful lights, fun music and a variety of textures. Cognitive: action/reaction activities help develop baby's curiosity and thinking skills as they discover how to bring franky beats to life!.

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Franky Buggies

SKU: 887961421088
  • TT$169.00

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