Learn all about structures and how they literally support our lives! Discover the different types of bridges and forces and build 7 working models including a house, a suspension bridge, a cable-stayed bridge, an arch bridge and the two different truss bridges. A 36 page activity book is included with innovative experiments and detailed explanations of the different technological principle applied! A booklet with detailed building instructions is also included.

Designer "Bridges and structures" from a series of Mechanical Science from the company Engino includes 190 already painted parts that will collect a lot of buildings. Toy city will become even bigger, expanding its borders with the help of bridges of various configurations, which will make it even more interesting for tourism.


Age 8+

Number of parts: 190 PCs.

Made from: plastic, rubber.

Package size: 27 x 37 x 7 cm

Engino Mechanical Science - Structures & Bridges

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