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Archimedes once said, " Give me a foothold, and I will turn the Earth over," explaining in this unusual way the principle of the levers. How fair is his statement? Levers may have been the first tool people used to move large objects. And today they find many applications. Almost every simple and complex machine contains at least one lever. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of levers and explore the magic Of the science of Mechanics!


Learn how levers are used to increase strength and lift weights, and how levers can change direction. Collect a few working models on the attached booklet. With the help of the lever crane model, it is possible to understand how it lifts heavy loads and does not fall at the same time (levers of the first kind).

Collect postal scales and learn how light envelopes and paper can be weighed. Experiment and find explanations why scales can sometimes show incorrect values. The swing model will help to understand how the levers work, to study the principles of balance of moments and their use.


Assemble a model of a wheelbarrow to understand how it carries heavy loads, using the elements of levers: support, force and load (levers of the second kind). The kit includes a book describing the experiments and a detailed explanation of the various technological principles. This includes experiments, interesting facts about different subjects, as well as tasks. Booklet with instructions for Assembly models attached.


The designer is Packed in a convenient box, designed for age from 6 to 14 years, develops spatial thinking, perception, perseverance, imagination, fine motor skills of hands.

Engino Mechanical Science – Levers

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