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  • Triangular packaging stands out on the shelf
  • More than 21 million units sold
  • Features deluxe triangular tiles with brass spinners
  • Classic domino gameplay with added strategy


From the manufacturer

Tri-Ominos – The Domino Game with a Three-Sided Twist!

Both innovative and competitive, Tri-Ominos is designed to bring people together with plenty of opportunities for talking, chatting and sharing with family and friends. With more than 21 million units sold, it’s a fast-moving game that’s easy to learn, and great for players of all ages.


A Creative and Challenging Take On a Timeless Classic!

Why limit yourself to two sides in traditional dominos when you can play three sides in Tri-Ominos? The triangular tiles have a number on each corner, so players have to match up two numbers, which adds a whole new dimension and creates extra strategy, extra play and extra fun.


How to Play?

Each game of Tri-Ominos consists of several rounds where players earn and lose points based on a combination of skill and luck.


Players earn points by matching numbers on the three-sided tile pieces. On each turn players match a tile to one that’s already in play, but there’s no monopoly on earning bonus points for special moves like matching the numbers on all three sides.


When players cannot place a piece they must draw a new one. The first player to score 400 points wins the game (or, for a simpler version, the first player to play all of his/her tiles).


Product description

The classic triangular domino game! score points by matching numbers on the three-sided pieces. Contains 56 playing tiles with brass spinners, 4 plastic racks, and complete instructions. For 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. features deluxe triangular tiles with brass spinnersclassic domino game play with added strategymore than 21 million units soldfor 2-4 players, ages 8 and up

Tri-Ominos Deluxe Game - Pressman Toys