Spelling Bee Bingo combines the classic fun of bingo with basic letter matching skills by Pressman Toy Corporation!


Spelling Bee Bingo is a child's first spelling and letter matching game. For older players, there's a deck of spelling cards. When a word is spelled correctly, a player gets to place a chip on any open letter. As players grow in Spelling Bee Bingo, the challenges do too!


Spelling Bee Bingo Game contents:

  • Plastic Spelling Bee Board
  • 26 Letter Tiles
  • 12 Bingo Cards
  • 25 Spelling Cards
  • Bingo Chips
  • Rules of Play
  • 2 Levels of Play
  • Recommended Ages: 4 and Up
  • Great Gift Idea


Number of Players: 2 - 6

Spelling Bee Bingo

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