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Playskool stack 'n spin monkey gears what do babies and engineers have in common? they love to tinker! that's why we designed this busy gear toy to spark your little one's curiosity. As they stack and arrange their own gear track and watch it go 'round and 'round, you know that they're also building important skills for later in life such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity! playskool and all related properties are trademarks of hasbro. Stack up the funview larger monkey around with early engineering babies love a friendly animal face to play with, but this monkey friend is much more than that. By connecting any of the 9 plastic gears on the different posts around his tummy, your little one can create a moving monkey machine with colorful lights, fun music, and silly sound effects. Each gear fits any post so that they can be connected and stacked whichever way baby can imagine. After connecting gears around the central gear, just press the center button to get them moving. And when the play is done for the day, place all of the gears right on the monkey toy for easy storage! lay gears to build a monkey machineview larger help baby hit those milestones hands-on exploration with the gears helps fine-tune those muscle movements! this includes grasping, placing, and stacking the gears, as well as sitting up to play. Hand-eye coordination: aiming to place the gears on the posts or stack them helps improve baby's accuracy. Cause and effect: pressing the center activation gear can help kids begin to understand basic cause and effect relationships. Press center gear to activate spinning gears and light-up shapesview larger gear up for hands-on fun this early building toy for kids 9 months and up is all about making connections and encouraging little ones to explore how things work.

Playskool Stack n Spin Monkey Gears

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