• Bring home All the excitement and fun of the hit TV show!
  • Kids use their imaginations to create brand new adventures for their favorite Paw Patrol characters.
  • Collect all of the Paw Patrol!
  • Paw Patrol is for kids aged 3+


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PAW Patrol Total Team Rescue

Chase’s Police Cruiser Vehicle

It’s time for a Total Team Rescue with Chase’s Team Police Cruiser! This team rescue vehicle includes all 6 of the PAW Patrol pups dressed in their police uniforms. When trouble strikes, there’s room for all of the pups inside. Load them up and save the day with the Team Police Cruiser’s lifting front cab, extendable guard rail, a back door that opens and winch! Chase’s Team Police Cruiser brings the excitement and action of the hit TV show to life. Join the pups on Total Team Rescues with Chase’s Team Police Cruiser!


Working Cab, Guard Rail, Winch and More

Chase’s Team Police Cruiser has real working parts, making it easy for you to help save the day! Control traffic by extending the guard rail; place a pup on the lookout in the lifting driver’s cab; open the back door of the cruiser and pull the working winch to move objects and rescue the citizens of Adventure Bay!


Includes All 6 Pups

Race to the rescue with all 6 PAW Patrol pups! Chase’s Team Police Cruiser includes the whole PAW Patrol team, dressed in their matching police uniforms. There’s room for all of the pups inside the truck – load the pups on top or in the side!


Encourages Creative and Imaginative Play

Bring the action of the hit TV show to life with Chase’s Team Police Cruiser! Through pretend play, kids will build their developmental skills and learn about the world around them, while exploring their imaginations as they create their own fun and exciting PAW Patrol team rescue missions!


Product description

No job is too big, no pup is too small! Now you can join the Paw Patrol Pups on a Paw Patrol mission! Just like in the show you can play along with the Paw Patrol Pups. Whether there's rescue mission in your backyard or you have to save Itty Bitty Kitty from a tree, you can race to the ruff-ruff rescue with the Paw Patrol!

Paw Patrol Team Rescue – Chase’s Team Police Cruiser

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