• Join Ryder on exciting new missions with the paw patrol’s newest team vehicle: the sub Patroller! Featuring flashing lights and sounds, This vehicle is ready for adventure!
  • Use the launcher to shoot life rings and save baby Animals! Push the periscope down and orange life rings will fly through the air!
  • Open the sub patroller’s front cab and place Ryder in the driver's seat. Turn him into a diver by opening the trap door, and Plunging him straight into adventure bay!
  • The sub Patroller is made for kids aged 3+. it is equipped to sail the imaginary sea, but cannot be submerged in water. 3 x AAA batteries included.
  • Includes: 1 vehicle, 1 Ryder figure, 2 life rings, 1 sea scooter, 1 instruction sheet


From the manufacturer


PAW Patrol – Sub Patroller

Dive into adventure with the Sea Patrol’s rescue vehicle: the Sub Patroller! Designed to take pups on action-packed rescue missions, the Sub Patroller has all kinds of features for kids to explore! Go from sky to the sea by switching from hover mode to sub mode! Push the yellow button to activate flashing lights and hear sounds from the pups’ sea adventures! Launch the life rings and open the escape hatch so Ryder can swim out to sea and save the day! What treasures will you find at the bottom of Adventure Bay? The Sub Patroller is made for kids aged 3+. It is equipped to sail the imaginary sea, but cannot be submerged in water.


What’s in the Box/Battery Requirements:

  • 1 Sub Vehicle
  • 1 Ryder Figure
  • 2 Life Rings
  • 1 Personal Sub
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 3 AAA batteries required (included)


Flashing Lights and Sounds

The Sea Patrol’s underwater rescue vehicle comes with interactive flashing lights and sounds! Press down on the yellow button and the headlights will flash on, lighting the way to adventure! The yellow button also activates submarine sounds and alarms! Be a part of the Paw Patrol as you save the day under Adventure Bay.


Shoot Life Rings

Use the Sub Patroller’s life ring launcher to save the day! Load the two life rings into the launcher, then pull the periscope back to send the life rings flying! With the help of the life ring launcher, you and Ryder can complete rescue missions.


Use the Secret Escape Hatch

Ryder (figure included), the leader of Paw Patrol, sits in the front cab of the Sub Patroller, steering through the waters of Adventure Bay. Always ready for rescue action, Ryder has a secret escape hatch that sends him straight from the front cab into the sea! When you spot trouble, simply open the secret escape hatch, hand Ryder his personal sub and dive into the imaginary water.


Product description

Pups to the rescue! Embark on daring new missions with Ryder and his Sub Patroller! In this incredible rescue vehicle, you can soar through the sky or dive through the imaginary sea! Load Ryder (figure included) into the cockpit and plunge straight into action. Press down on the yellow button to hear Sea Patrol sounds and see headlights flash, lighting your way for deep sea missions. When you and Ryder spot a sea friend in trouble, use the life ring launcher! Press down on the yellow periscope to hear sounds, see flashing lights and launch life rings to save the day! If the mission takes you into a tiny space, Ryder can go from driver to diver! Open the trapdoor and he’ll swim to adventure using his handheld propeller. As the Paw Patrol’s incredible rescue vehicle, there’s room for pups on board! Fly to shore and load the pups into the cargo bay and cockpit! No mission is too big – especially with the Sub Patroller! Climb on board and deep dive into adventure!

Paw Patrol - Sub Patroller Transforming Vehicle with Lights, Sounds & Launcher

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