• N’ rescue! Kids can unfold Chase’s police cruiser and discover a scene straight out of adventure bay!
  • Three exciting rescues: kids can unfold this 2-in-1- vehicle playset and join their favorite pup on three exciting rescues. Save Cali the cat, rescue the gopher family and find the bunny (figures included)! will you help Chase save the day?
  • Use the launcher: this 2-in-1 Playset even comes with a launcher! Load the tennis ball projectiles into the launcher and press the Paw Patrol badge to send them flying!
  • Chase’s ride ‘N’ rescue is a great gift for kids aged 3 and up. Unfold a world of adventure!
  • Includes: 1 Chase’s ride ‘N’ rescue, 1 Chase figure, 1 Cali figure, 1 rabbit figure, 2 tennis ball projectiles launchers, 1 instruction sheet
  • Transform vehicle into Playset: open up the action-packed world of Paw Patrol with Chase’s ride ‘


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Chase’s Ride ‘n’ Rescue Transforming Police Vehicle

Chase’s Ride ‘n’ Rescue vehicle is ready to roll with a world of surprises inside! It easily transforms from police cruiser to action-packed playset. Open to reveal a mission control center overlooking Adventure Bay! Spot animals in need of your help and race with Chase to the scene. Can you save the cat, bunny, and gopher family in time? Aim and launch tennis ball projectiles to save the day!

Transforms from Police Cruiser to Adventure Bay Playset.


With Chase’s Race ‘n’ Rescue vehicle, you can speed to the rescue then transform his police cruiser into a mission control center with scenes from Adventure Bay! Emergency alert! Animals are in danger and need your help. Race to the rescue with Chase! When your rescue missions are complete, you can easily fold the playset back into a police cruiser and race to the next adventure!



  • 1 Chase’s Ride ‘n’ Rescue,
  • 1 Chase Figure
  • 1 Cali Figure
  • 1 Rabbit Figure
  • 2 Tennis Ball Projectiles Launchers
  • 1 Instruction Sheet


Save the Stranded Cat

Oh, no! Cali the Cat is stuck on the roof. Hit the balloons to return her to safety. Just load a tennis ball projectile into the launcher and push the red button to send it flying into action. It’s easy to reload, aim, and launch again!


Rescue the Gopher Family

It’s time to go-pher it! Send Chase to save the gopher family under the fallen tree. Put Chase in front of the tree and help him lift it up to save the day!


Find the Trapped Bunny

Help, help! The baby bunny is caught under a container. Press the carrot-shaped button to lift the container and set the bunny free!


Encourages Creative and Imaginative Play

With pretend play, kids can build their developmental skills and learn about the world around them. Chase’s Ride ‘n’ Rescue vehicle encourages kids to create their own exciting adventures for the PAW Patrol pups. Pretend to be rescue hero Chase—how will he save the day?


Product description

Race to adventure in Chase's ride ‘N’ rescue! This Paw Patrol police cruiser opens up, transforming into an action-packed playset! Your child can unbox their ride ‘N’ rescue, and unfold it to discover a scene straight out of Paw Patrol. Cali the cat is stuck on a roof; The gopher family is trapped under a tree; and bunny is caught under a container!


With three rescue missions to complete, Chase is on the case! Place the chase figure (included) in the mission control center and load the tennis ball projectiles (included) into the launcher. Aim and launch the tennis balls straight into the balloons, bringing Cali safely back to the ground! Next, place Chase in front of the tree and slide him back to lift the fallen tree and save the gopher family! Finally, help Chase lift up the container and save bunny! Chase has saved The day! Close up the playset, put Chase in the driver's seat and use the working wheels to race to the next adventure! Open up an action-packed world of play with Chase's ride ‘N’ rescue 2-in-1 playset!

Paw Patrol Chase’s Ride N Rescue - Transforming Police Vehicle

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