• Go Rolling Everywhere With The New Rolling Feet By NINCO Wheels.
  • The Wheels Include Flashing Lights
  • Products Have Been Built Keeping In Mind Safety, Quality And Sustainability
  • Made In Spain



Rollers to adapt on any footwear.

Adjustable to all sizes,

Incorporate wheels with LED lights.

It allows acrobatics and urban movements.

Avalaible in 3 colors

Max. 55Kg.



1- Make a step forward with your left leg and let your heel make contact with the ground.

2- Propel yourself by using your right-foot toes.

3- Balance on your heels and allow yourself to skate leaning your body slightly forward and maintaining one foot always more advanced that the other.

4- To slow down or stop, lower your toes and make contact with the ground. Ninco does not recommend the use of HEEL ROLLERS on steep slopes.

Ninco Wheels - Heel Rollers (Orange)

SKU: 8428064330079
  • TT$289.00

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