Excellent product for starting new tanks and maintaining existing ones !!   Specially developed bacterial product for marine and freshwater aquariums. It contains a number of useful bacterial cultures that remove harmful nitrogen substances from aquarium water.


It stabilizes the biological cycle of water and keeps the natural water in the aquarium. Improves growth and nutrient uptake of corals and plants. Removes ammonia and nitrate (nitrate) from the water with the help of a defoamer. Removes odors and provides crystal clear water. Reduces water change frequency.


Decomposes plant waste products (decaying residues etc.) It is not intended to remove chlorine from water or chloramine and heavy metals. X-treme is intended for this removal. Special Blend in conjunction with Thera P is an optimal and complete biology solution for your aquarium. The odor of this product is natural and does not interfere. It is a property of the bacterial cultures used.

Microbelift Special Blend Water Care – Salt & Fresh (473 ml)

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