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Set of nitrifying (aerobic) bacteria for fresh or salt water aquariums (OFFER vcto. Jul / 2020)


- Microbe-Lift Nite Out II is a set of highly specialized microbial cultures (Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira and Nitrobacter) from the nitrifying process that will establish, promote or (re-) stabilize and maintain perfect nitrification (part of the Nitrogen Cycle) in water from lakes or freshwater or saltwater aquariums, gradually reducing the toxic effect of ammonia and nitrite in a totally natural process.


Does not neutralize chlorine, chloramine or heavy metals (for this function use an appropriate water conditioner), works well with activated carbon and is compatible with copper-based products.

For optimal nitrification and elimination of ammonia, we recommend that you pre-treat with the Microbe-Lift Special Blend, to reduce the levels of organic pollutants that can inhibit the natural nitrification process and also use the Microbe-Lift XTreme that provides the base for the habitat of beneficial bacteria - Attention: in salt water, bacterial activity is reduced, requiring, for faster results, increases of 25% to 50% in product dosages - Treat 280 liters for up

to 46 weeks (about 11 months) (maintenance dosage every 15 days or at TPAs: salt water 5ml / 38L, fresh water 5ml / 70L and lakes 5ml / 100L and for emergency situations due to ammonia above 0.6mg / L, you can dose 5ml / 38L every 2 days until it goes down)

Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II (Starter Bacteria) (3.58 L)

SKU: 97121204479
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