• The battery-powered ladle uses air power levitate a meatball through a series of kitchen themed obstacles
  • Gets kids up and moving around
  • Move the meatballs the fastest to win
  • Great for kids 5 and up as well as adults too
  • Helps develop eye hand coordination while having fun


Product description

Use the battery-powered ladle to levitate a meatball through a series of obstacles in a restaurant and onto the customer's plate. Obstacles can be moved farther apart for more gross motor play. Ages 5 yrs. +.


From the Manufacturer

How long will it take for you to get all three meatballs from the cook's pot onto the customer's plate of Spaghetti? Meatball Madness is a get up and go game of speed and skill. Use the air powered ladle to float meatballs through the kitchen themed obstacle course. The 3 obstacles can be placed as close or as far apart and as high and as low as you want - you control the level of difficulty. Don't drop the meatball because you will need to get it back to the start. Built in timer - the player who is the fastest wins. For 2 or more players.

Meatball Madness

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