• Push Scout and his head, legs and tail move while he sings educational songs
  • Choose from three modes of play including letters, number and animal sounds
  • Hear songs about letters and numbers while also seeing them scroll by on scout's LED backpack screen
  • Press the arrow buttons to play letter, number or animal activities while developing fine motor skills
  • Take care of Scout and take him on walks to develop gross motor skills


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A Tail Wagging Good Time

Take a walk with Scout while learning about letters and counting. Watch as Scout energetically moves his head, legs and tail while he happily sings educational songs. Play in three different modes that include letters and numbers, or choose Fun with Scout mode to see animations on Scout’s backpack.


Learn Letters

Sing along to the ABCs as you walk with Scout.


Explore Numbers

Count to 10 with a peppy puppy song!


Bond With Your Buddy

Push Scout to hear him talk or sit on the floor and play with him.


"I Love You!"

Scout's not shy to say how he feels! This cute interactive puppy will even ask for kisses.


What's in Scout's Backpack?

Scroll through the letters and numbers on the LED screen to hear fun phrases as Scout tells you about everything in his high tech backpack.


Product description

Toddlers will love the many ways they can play and learn with their pal Scout! Delight in using the leash to push this playful pup or remove it and manually scoot him along the floor. Watch as he energetically moves his head, legs and tail while he happily sings educational songs. Choose from three types of curriculum: letters, numbers and animal sounds. The learning songs are enhanced by letter and number graphics that scroll by on scout's backpack. Play fun guessing games about what's inside scout's backpack by pressing the arrow buttons to explore letters, numbers or animal sounds. Take care of Scout, and this cute interactive puppy will ask you for hugs and kisses!

LeapFrog Step & Learn Scout

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