With 542 bricks and other construction pieces, your child can build Optimus Prime in robot form or vehicle form with just one set! In robot mode, Optimus Prime’s launcher brick gives him blasting power against his enemies. Build and rebuild him so he can best serve the Autobot cause! In truck mode, the 4 Kreon mini-figures can go in the cab or in the trailer with the 2 included motorcycles. But your child can also disassemble the truck’s removable cab and build a mini-command station, and the trailer can be converted into a command center! No matter what mode Optimus Prime is in, you can use his powers against the Decepticons!


Kre-O Transformers Optimus Prime:

  • Build the ultimate Autbot hero, Optimus Prmie, in vehicle, robot or battle station mode with this 3-in-1 set of 542 Kre-O construction pieces
  • Includes 5 Kreons: Optimus Prime, Skywarp, Bluestreak, and 2 Stunt Drivers
  • 3-in-1 Kre-O construction set lets your child build Optimus Prime in semi-hauler truck mode, robot mode or battle station mode
  • In truck mode, convert the removable cab to a mini-command station
  • Put the included motorcycles and 4 Kreon mini-figures into the trailer, or disassemble the trailer and build it into a command center
  • Set includes 542 Kre-O pieces, 5 Kreons, 2 motorcycles, orange traffic ones and decorative decals



· About the Optimus Prime Kreon Character!

I am Optimus Prime. I do not care for the hijinks of the other Kreons. It is our responsibility to ensure that all brick-made beings are able to live in freedom. I do not have time for pranks!

Likes: Sending Bumblebee on missions so I can get some work done instead of worrying about whose bricks he’ll rearrange next!


Big Plan: To defeat the Decepticons and retire somewhere an idling truck will be accepted!

Protoform Pet: I once had a cyberdog named Magnus. He was great!

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Build The Command Center!

In truck mode, detach the cab and build it into a command center. Controls flip down within the reach of the KREON figures so that they can keep an eye on every inch of the battlefield and attack when the moment is right or move out when it’s time for a new strategy! Plus: Kre-O bricks are compatible with other leading brick construction sets, so there’s no limit to what you can build!


Kreon Figures!

Optimus Prime stands 10 inches high and is 15 inches long in truck mode. But small allies can make a big difference, and the 1.75-inch Optimus Prime, Bluestreak and 2 Stunt Driver Kreon figures can fight at his side! They’re sure to turn the tide against Skywarp and the Decepticon menace!


Truck Trailer Storage!

Between battles, stow the Kreon figures and their motorcycles in the truck trailer. At the first sign of trouble, flip open the trailer side to allow the Kreon figures to jump into action against the enemy Decepticons!


10 Inches Tall!

He stands an impressive 10 inches high, with a fierce gaze and iron determination. He is the heroic AUTOBOT leader Optimus Prime, in mighty robot mode. What will you have him do when he encounters Megatron and other Decepticon enemies? His strength would be enough in a fair fight, but Decepticons can be counted on to bring all the firepower they can muster. But you know what they don’t: Optimus Prime has a launching brick that fires from his chest! Bring it, Decepticons!

Kre-O Create It Transformers (Optimus Prime)

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