Let's roll, baby! Whether they're sending this dino vehicle zooming around or sliding the plates on its back up and down and turning its clicker head, little ones will have a roarin' good time with this rolling Triceratops! Where development comes into play, Sensory: The dinosaur's bright colors, different textures, and mechanical sounds excite and engage your baby's developing senses. Fine Motor: Grasping and moving the dinosaur, sliding the plates on its back, and turning its head around helps foster your baby's dexterity. Curiosity & Wonder: Little ones are introduced to cause and effect as they discover their push makes the dinosaur zoom forward.

  • Age Range: 6 Months and Up
  • Grasp & push the triceratops along
  • Turn the dinosaur's head for fun clicking sounds
  • Slide its plates up & down to hear more sounds
  • A variety of bright colors, textures, and sounds excite your baby's developing visual, tactile, and auditory senses

Fisher Price Triceratops Dinosaur - Pink

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