• Includes full Spiral Station playset, plus Thomas and Diesel Rail Rollers toys
  • Drop Thomas and Diesel on one side of Tidmouth Sheds and they'll roll down the spiral track to the roundabout at the bottom
  • Drop Thomas and Diesel on the other side of Tidmouth Sheds and they'll fall through the center tower all the way to the roundabout
  • When Thomas or Diesel enters clear tunnel, pull down on red lever to lift engine and release him at the top
  • Features multiple crossing gates that allow you to control the direction of the Rail Rollers toys, plus spinning signs


Product description

Experience Thomas & Friends like never before with the Rail Rollers Spiral Station! Featuring Fisher-Price's original Thomas and Diesel Rail Rollers toys - uniquely stylized versions of your favorite Thomas & Friends characters - this playset delivers train play in a whole new way. Drop the Rail Rollers toys in the top and watch them speed down the track or plunge through the center tower. With a variety of interactive features, including a roundabout, engine lift, and multiple Thomas & Friends characters and locations, the Rail Rollers Spiral Station offers a truly unique spin on your favorite railway adventures. Toddlers ages 12M+.


A Rolling Railway

Rail Rollers toys from Fisher-Price deliver a whole new Thomas & Friends experience! Exclusively designed to look like your favorite Thomas & Friends characters, these little engines offer a unique play pattern and an adorable new look! Toss them, roll them, collect them, and use them in the Rail Rollers Spiral Station, which includes Thomas and Diesel (additional Rail Rollers sold separately and subject to availability).


Up, Down & Around

Get ready to explore a world of railway activities! Drop Thomas or Diesel in one side of Tidmouth Sheds and watch him speed down the spiral track, past the spinning signs, and into the roundabout at the bottom. Drop Thomas or Diesel in the other side of Tidmouth Sheds and he’ll fall straight through the center tower into the roundabout.

Manually spin the roundabout and Sir Topham Hatt will guide your engine around the track, so you can use the gate to direct him into the clear steam tunnel. Once he’s in the tunnel, pull the red lever down to lift him up to the top, where he can roll back out onto the spiral track.


It All Begins with My First

My First toys introduce children to the world of Thomas & Friends through fun, beneficial play. By encouraging imaginations and fostering discovery, My First toys helps children form a valuable relationship with Thomas as they build foundations for growth. Featuring interactive play patterns designed to engage and inspire the youngest Thomas & Friends fans, My First offers the perfect place for little engineers to begin their journey.


Play to Grow

The Thomas & Friends Rail Rollers Spiral Station delivers fun-filled play that may encourage physical, cognitive, and emotional growth. The variety of sights, colors, and textures provide an array of visual and tactile stimulation, while grasping the engines and activating the features helps introduce eye-hand coordination and finger dexterity. Plus, when children spin the roundabout and pull the lever to use the engine lift, they’re exploring how things work, and discovering what mechanisms cause exciting actions. Of course, playing with their favorite Thomas & Friends characters can also foster an emotional connection that will bring plenty of smiles.

Fisher-Price Thomas The My First Train Rail Rollers Spiral Station Baby Toy

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