• Beautiful Elsa doll: a popular character from the Disney Frozen movies, This Elsa doll has long blonde hair styled in a braid
  • Friends featured in frozen 2: This toy comes with pabbie and salamander figures, 2 friends Elsa encounters on her journey beyond Arendelle
  • Movie-inspired outfit: the Elsa doll is wearing her movie-inspired travel outfit featured in Disney Frozen 2, giving her a different look
  • Storytelling accessories: kids can attach the salamander toy or ice power accessory to the Elsa doll's arm to play out action-packed scenes from the movie
  • For kids ages 3 and up: fans of the Disney Frozen movies will love this Elsa doll, pabbie Troll figure, and salamander toy As a birthday gift or holiday present


Product description

In the Disney Frozen 2 movie, the forest comes alive with the elements of nature.

Kids can recreate scenes from Disney Frozen 2 or create their own stories with the Elsa doll, pabbie and salamander figures, and included accessory. The Elsa toy has her long blonde hair styled in a braid, and she is wearing her fun blue travel outfit with removable boots based on the ensemble seen in the Disney Frozen 2 movie. Attach the salamander figure to the Elsa doll's arm to imagine the 2 Friends going on an exciting adventure together. Kids can also attach the ice power accessory to Elsa's arm. This set also includes a pabbie Troll figure to add more friends to the journey.

Disney Frozen Elsa Fashion Doll in Travel Outfit (Inspired by Frozen 2) with Pab

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