• Turn PJs into a cozy blanket
  • Doll has a soft, plush body
  • Pretend doll sucks its thumb
  • Perfect for bedtimesnuggles



The Love My Blankie baby dolls make getting ready for bedtime fun and easy! When it's time to curl up under the covers and snuggle in for the night, little ones can help their Love My Blankie baby dolls get ready for bed, too. These soft, oh-so-cuddly soft dolls magically fold into their own tucked-in sleep sack by gently turning their PJs inside out! Little ones will love tucking their baby in! They can even have the baby pretend to suck its thumb. Cuddle the doll and when it's time to wake up, little ones can untuck their baby by unfolding the doll's tucked in arms and legs.

Baby Alive - Love My Blankie Baby

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